10 Valuable Lessons from My Years in Student Leadership and Politics


As a former secretary of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Skills Development for the National Union of Ghana Students, I had the privilege of serving in student leadership and engaging in the dynamic world of student politics for five years. Throughout this journey, I’ve encountered valuable lessons about people and human dynamics that I believe are worth sharing. Here are 10 key insights I’ve gained:

**1. Beware of Favor Seekers**

One of the first lessons I learned was to be cautious of individuals who constantly seek favors. These individuals may appear friendly, but they are often motivated by self-interest and may not have your best interests at heart.

**2. Be Wary of Recognition Seekers**

Similarly, individuals who constantly seek recognition for even the smallest efforts can be a cause for concern. While recognition is important, those who overemphasize it may be more focused on personal glory than the collective good.

**3. Listen to Suggestions, Even When You Know Better**

Sometimes, it’s essential to heed the advice of your superiors or leaders, even if you believe you have a better solution. Respectful listening demonstrates teamwork and a willingness to collaborate effectively.

**4. Let Others Pursue Their Glory**

In a team or leadership role, you’ll encounter individuals who are driven by a desire for personal recognition and glory. Allow them to pursue their goals, as long as it aligns with the collective mission.

**5. Don’t Feel the Need to Prove Yourself**

Occasionally, people may underestimate your abilities or intelligence. In such situations, resist the urge to prove yourself to them. Your actions and results will speak for themselves over time.

**6. Embrace Diversity in Your Team**

Recognize that human differences within your team or organization can lead to challenges. However, instead of resisting these differences, learn to work alongside them. Diversity can bring unique perspectives and strengths to the table.

**7. Prioritize Integrity Over Loyalty**

While loyalty is admirable, never let it compromise your commitment to what is right and just. Upholding your integrity should always take precedence, even if it means going against the grain.

**8. You Don’t Have to Be Everyone’s Friend**

In the realm of student politics and leadership, it’s not necessary to be friends with everyone to work together effectively. Focus on collaboration and shared goals rather than trying to please everyone.

**9. Navigate Politics Wisely**

Student politics can be unpredictable, and opportunities may come and go. When circumstances align with your goals, seize the moment and play your part. Conversely, if a situation doesn’t favor you, avoid unnecessary complaints.

**10. Stay Neutral During Chaos**

Finally, when conflicts arise and chaos ensues, it’s wise to maintain a neutral stance. Taking sides in heated situations can lead to betrayal and strained relationships. Instead, seek peace and avoid getting entangled in divisive disputes.

In conclusion, these 10 lessons from my time in student leadership and politics have provided valuable insights into human behavior and effective leadership. By keeping these principles in mind, you can navigate the complexities of student leadership with wisdom and integrity, ultimately contributing to positive change within your organization and community.

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